hi, i'm skinklegs, and sometimes i make things! you can find me on most platforms under the same name.if you are interested in buying something from me, or if you have questions, you can email me at [email protected] or contact me on whichever platform you found this link!thanks for your interest!

terms of service

• i only accept payment through paypal invoice. please be prepared to provide your details.• i will only start working on your order once i have received payment in full.• in order to receive a full refund, you must request one before i start your order. after i've started, refund amounts will be based on progress: if you request a refund halfway through a $20 commission, you will receive a $10 refund, etc.• you will receive a full refund regardless of progress if for whatever reason i cannot complete your order on my end.• once you've bought the art, it's yours. you may repost it anywhere and use it however you like. all i ask is that you do not claim you drew it yourself, or use it for commercial purposes without my permission.• i reserve the right to repost the art i've made for you i.e. on social media or in a gallery.

estimated turnaround time: 1-7 days from payment received, time taken to receive feedback from or make changes requested by the buyer notwithstanding.

will & won't

canidsfelinesmost other animals
feral animalsdog or catlike original specieshuman characters
blood and gutsart from descriptions (no ref)mechanical parts

if you're not sure about something, please ask!

recent commissions

other recent work

commission types


flat colorshaded


flat colorshaded

full body

flat colorshaded


full background$20
extra character100% price

please feel free to ask about things not listed
here, e.g. reference sheets or sketch pages.